Friday, May 21, 2010


This is an interesting daily podcast THINK BIG WORK SMALLfor people in the mortgage and real estate industry that provides updates on what is happening in those markets around the country, and especially what is going on in Washington with new legislation.  I have been following it for a few months now. I highly recommend it to anyone in the business or anyone who wants to know what is going on in the mortgage market. They provide a link to sign in to receive daily video podcasts.

Regarding one topic in this video, where Nancy Pelosi says you can pursue your dreams, that you are not tied down or job locked because of the new health care insurance reform, I have a comment. I have seen this played a number of times, and it seems that some reporters have jumped to the conclusion that she was saying "no problem, your health care is free". Unless there was more to her speech, she did not say it would be free. She just said it was transportable, that you are now able to keep it even if you do not remain with the same employer. I do not approve of the health care reform bill, but I also do not like it when people interpret or jump to conclusions about something that was just not said. If anyone has more of the footage where she said it would be free, please provide it to me. I have looked and not been able to find anything more than just the 37 second sound byte.

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