Saturday, May 22, 2010

One of Those Moments - Mark Steyn - National Review Online

I am deeply concerned about this administration and their obvious inability to define our enemies. I am afraid of the naive belief of the President and his advisers that their superior diplomatic abilities will be able to persuade our enemies to stop attacking us, to stop terrorizing us, to stop their jihad against us - when they have repeatedly reminded us that their goal is our total annihilation. I watched as Eric Holder was unable to even say the words "radical Islamists". If they can not even speak the name of our enemy, what does that say about them? Is is because of political correctness, denial of the facts, or a purposeful exercise in weakening our nation in the eyes of the world? Why won't our leaders support and defend our country?  I want a leader who is brave and unflinching in the face of our enemies.One who vows he will do whatever it takes to protect this nation. 9-11 will forever be an open wound. What will it take for the administration to understand this? What was done to Daniel Pearl was an unspeakable horror! These terrorists are barbarians - their purpose is pure evil! As an American I take these actions personally.This latest embarrassment, so eloquently described in One of Those Moments - Mark Steyn - National Review Online, is further evidence that our President does not have the sensibility to be able to relate to the average American citizen. He continues to show us that he is so far removed from understanding what we are feeling, from what we want and what we need. We elected a leader with no experience, no loyalty to our Constitution or our country, and apparently has an agenda that he plans to ram through against the will of the majority of our citizens. We must work hard to take control of the Senate and House in November, and start to undo the damage that has been done to this country in the last year and a half, before it is too late.

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