Friday, May 14, 2010


Will no one come forward and address this very serious situation? We The People must put unbearable pressure on our representatives to slash and cut the budget for FY2011. I say if they do not do their basic duty to put forward a budget for next year, we vote them ALL out. We pay these people a good sum of money (not to mention all of the funds for their staffing and expenses) and I read today that
CONGRESS WILL NOT PASS A BUDGET THIS YEAR! in The Morning Bell from The Heritage Foundation. What are they there for if not to assure us that they are keeping our country in good financial shape? I do not know about you, but I am ready for some serious cuts to our budget across the board. I am willing to forego some of the entitlements the government provides to get our finances in shape. I do not want to pass this massive burden on to my children and grandchildren. They need to cut payroll taxes immediately and keep the Bush tax cuts in place. We have to get America working again. That is the only way we can crawl out of this mess. More public jobs will never be the answer. The private sector is always the one factor that is key to improving the economy - more jobs equals more spending equals more jobs equals more wealth for all.

We have a bunch of arrogant self-interested politicians in our government who are more concerned with their "careers" than with actually working and serving "We The People". I propose that if a budget does not get passed this year, that all of their salaries are cut to $1.00 each until they present a balanced budget. What did Obama say? At some point he thinks you may have made too much money?" In the case of Congress I agree. If the CEO's of large corporations can take a $1.00 salary and get bonuses when they turn a profit, then so can Congress!

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