Sunday, May 2, 2010


We need to understand how devastating this whole "climate change" scheme, that is quickly progressing through U.N. efforts, along with our administration and state department, will be to our very existence here in America as we know it. Cap and Trade is a dangerous proposal, read H.R. 2454 and S. 1733 and the CBO analysis.

I have been working on this issue for several months and if you did not know it, we are already seeing it right here in the Tampa Bay area. I see light rail as an early step towards that goal. You have to get all of the commissioners and senators, representatives, governor, all of them, to push against any type of movement towards it. If you are interested, I am gathering information on this topic. If you hear any of these key words "smart growth", "smart power", "green", "climate change", "global warming", "sustainability", "Agenda 21", "communitarianism", all of these are code words for the furtherance of their mission to redistribute wealth through carbon credits and "cap and trade". They are in the process of creating a whole new "currency" to be bought and sold between countries and corporations, with the "transaction fees" going to the few who buy ownership interest into the various Climate Exchanges throughout the world.

As an aside, did anyone see that former President Al Gore purchased a new home in Montecito, California for $8,875,000.00??? It looks like someone is getting richer with this scheme. I wonder if BHO thinks he has made enough money yet.

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