Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cap and Trade - Urgent!

I have one question for everyone who really believes in anthropogenic climate change. If we are truly causing climate change in the world, why aren't we trying to pass a cap and "fine" bill? In other words, put a cap on carbon dioxide and other toxic emissions as defined by the EPA, (which are in question by many climate scholars) and if they are exceeded, fine the entities, i.e the individuals and corporations responsible. Why this elaborate "scheme" (their own word) to set up this commodity on an exchange system that will auction credits to the highest bidder, distribute "free" carbon credits to some, which will then be able to be purchased by an evil "emitter" as an offset, and the trade of which will enrich the very few, Al Gore included, but definitely not the only one?  I personally find this to be a blatant distribution of wealth on a global scale.

Check out this video of President Obama and the anticipated cost of energy with this plan:

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