Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is what socialism looks like

Some current tax rates

United Kingdom:

Income Tax: 50%

VAT: 17.5% TOTAL: 67.5%


France :

Income Tax: 40%

VAT: 19.6% TOTAL: 59.6%


Greece :

Income Tax: 40%

VAT: 25% TOTAL: 65%


Spain :

Income Tax: 45%

VAT: 16% TOTAL: 61%


Portugal :

Income Tax: 42%

VAT: 20% TOTAL: 62%


Sweden :

Income Tax: 55%

VAT: 25% TOTAL: 80%


Norway :

Income Tax: 54.3%

VAT: 25% TOTAL: 79.3%


Netherlands :

Income Tax: 52%

VAT: 19% TOTAL: 71%


Denmark :

Income Tax: 58%

VAT: 25% TOTAL: 83%


Finland :

Income Tax: 53%

VAT: 22% TOTAL: 75%


If you've started to wonder what the real costs of socialism are going to be, once the full program in these United States hits your wallet, take a look at the table. As you digest these mind-boggling figures, keep in mind that in spite of these astronomical tax rates, these countries are still not financing their social welfare programs exclusively from tax revenues !

They are deeply mired in public debt of gargantuan proportions. Greece has reached the point where its debt is so huge it is in imminent danger of defaulting. That is the reason the European economic community has intervened to bail them out. If you are following the financial news, you know Spain and Portugal are right behind Greece.

The United States is now heading right down the same path. The VAT tax in the table is the national sales tax that Europeans pay. The Obama-era Transaction Tax looms largely. Don't know what that is??  Better find out.

It's time to take a really hard look at reality. Greece is a perfect example. Despite the socialist system that has ruled this country for decades, with a 65% tax rate, they are drowning in public debt, would have defaulted without hundreds of billions in bailout
money, and still. . .20% of their population lives in abject poverty.

What has all that socialism money bought, besides ultimate power for the politicians running the show? Do you think these people are "free"? They're NOT. They're slaves to their economic "system". This is where we are going unless we throw the present Congress and Obama out. Instead of spreading the wealth around, spread this
around. It might wake some people up.

--------- GOD BLESS AMERICA------------

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  1. As usual, you oversimplify and pick and choose from the truth. Those are maximum tax rates for the very wealthy.