Saturday, September 25, 2010

Governor Charlie Crist Executive Orders

Back on July 13, 2007, Governor Charlie Crist signed Executive Orders 07-126, “Leadership by Example: Immediate Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Florida State Government”; Executive Order 07-127, “Immediate Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions within Florida”; and Executive Order 07-128, “Florida Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change.”

The U. N. Agenda 21 Sustainability initiatives are being implemented in the State of Florida. Our government is quickly adopting all of the United Nations programs and policies. We do not have to participate in this - it is all a complex and convoluted means for "distribution of wealth". Anyone who espouses any kind of "green" initiative or smart growth or power, or transient oriented development are all speaking about the same thing. Keep your ears and eyes open and I will do the same.


  1. Very interesting, This is another example of what the US citizens would get in, good old go along to get along Charlie, He would subvert US rights in order appeaze the international community. He by doing so restricts US independence and our individuals rights under the cover of doing what is best for us. We are in need of true leadership as America is at the crossroads and must determine the right path for her future.

  2. Fake Tan, Fake Republican. What a disappointment!