Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jerome Hudson at the Restoring Honor Rally in D.C.

In an article in Human Events on August 31, 2010, A Black Man Goes To Glenn Beck's Rally Jerome Hudson expresses his experiences at the rally. It takes a strong person like this young man to open his heart and his mind to the awareness that what we are about is all-inclusive, regardless of race, religion, sex or creed. It is about human rights, human liberty and freedom from any kind of bondage imposed on us, either by men or by government. Our rights come from God and they are unalienable, which means they cannot be taken away by anyone. It is "the Law of Nature or Nature's God and is eternal in it's goodness; it is universal in its application. It is a code of "right reason" from the Creator himself. It cannot be altered. It cannot be repealed. It cannot be abandoned by legislators or the people themselves, even though they may pretend to do so. In Natural Law we are dealing with factors of absolute reality. It is basic in its principles, comprehensive to the human mind, and totally correct and morally right in its general operation." - The 5000 Year Leap - Great Book!

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  1. What a great article, thank you for posting this...

    As far as The 5000 Year Leap, we host a study group in our home that is using the DVD course offered by the National Center for Constitutional Studies... I can't recommennd it it enough...