Friday, September 3, 2010

Something to consider as we debate a mosque near Ground Zero

In an article from Islamization of Paris A warning to the West  the Muslim call to prayer has become an infringement on individual rights to be able to enter or exit their homes during this time of worship in the streets. Remember, there are 5 daily prayers required of Muslims. When a religion infringes on another's freedoms to pursue normal activities and quiet enjoyment in their homes and neighborhoods there must be action to stop it. Everything they are doing is against the law but still they do it. The police do not interfere. Is this what we want in New York City (or anywhere else in America)? We all worship as we please, but in our churches, temples or synagogues, and not at the expense, inconvenience and dare I say intimidation of others. As I posted in an earlier article, Ban The Burqa, non-believers are shouted at and harassed for not dressing appropriately and are afraid to leave their homes. We cannot allow this to happen in America.

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