Monday, July 12, 2010

Responsibilities of American Citizenship - Video From 1955


  1. Classic propaganda - take some truths:
    * be involved
    * support your schools
    * have a strong spiritual base
    * be concerned for others
    but wrap it in a Big Lie.

    The Big Lie is that Socialism is the enemy. The Bad Idea was corporatism.

    A handful of filthy rich people, hidden behind the corporate veil, flourished thanks to videos like this, and the lemmings that mindlessly followed the dogma this video supports.

    What he said about socialism is really about corporatism, which uses the term "private property". When you and I think private property, we think of our homes and cars, not some large corporation putting poison in our food, and insurance companies killing off the population.

    "By gradually destroying the principle of private property and substituting the socialist principle of government ownership"

    What we've seen over the past decades since the movie was made a privatization of assets. What used to be controlled for the common good - roads, water systems, schools, utilities, town squares, prisons and military work, have been taken over by corporations, prices raised and services slashed.

    The danger was not that the government would take over private property, but that the global corporations, controlled by a small handful of hidden overlords, have taken control of the government, and use it to take all the wealth of the planet to themselves.

    "We have more freedom that do ...other civilized people on earth."

    [As he says this, the shot is of four boys in paramilitary uniforms, saluting the flag- the opposite of freedom]

    [restated:]Americans have a high standard of living due to its form of government.

    The loss of our wealth is due to the rich people who took everything, and moved the wealth and productive capacity overseas. It would have been better had that wealth remain in the hands of the American people, rather than in the hands of a few people who feel no allegiance to the American people, or the American ideals.

    "Private ownership diffuses the wealth and economic power over the very widest area, over our whole population, and makes our people independent, masters of their own lives."
    - in the early days! Eventually, though, the strong eat the weak, and we end up with a handful of people who own everything, and the vast majority of people struggling to stay off the streets.

  2. Interesting - I agree with everything you are saying. We are definitely being governed by an oligarchy and plutocracy. The federal government and big business are working hand in hand with each other, at the expense of the individual. When I speak to people I ask them - who got the bailouts from the government(our money)? It was big business. It was big unions. Did you get a bailout? Has your 401K or IRA been restored? We as individuals have been saddled with an obscene amount of debt due to an out of control government with a "too big to fail" mentality. I say let them fail. This is exactly what I am fighting for - the return of government to the people. Restore property rights, individual freedoms, stop with all of the un-constitutional regulations. Regulation and outrageous union demands have moved business out of America into foreign countries that have no unions and no minimum wage. But this is also because of the alliance between the government and big business in an effort to redistribute wealth to less wealthy countries. This is part of the global governance plan being implemented by the United Nations through sustainability and Agenda 21. They are systematically eliminating the middle class in America. I hope you can see that. America right now supports many countries around the world. When we run out of jobs and money through all of this regulation, who will be left? Business has been the primary driver of wealth in America. It has created a vast middle class with an extraordinary lifestyle attainable by anyone who works for it, unique in the entire world. If we should fail in restoring the basic principals of our constitutional republic, we will all have lost. As Margaret Thatcher said, and I am paraphrasing: "Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money." Without jobs and business (not big businesses allied with the government) we end up becoming a second or even third-world nation.


  4. It would be good to do some research into the offshoring of both the manufacturing sector, and the high-tech sector.

    I assume you are saying that the union wages and regulations drove business out of America because it made American workers more expensive than Asian workers - that if we didn't have unions and labor safety standards, American workers could legally underbid Asian workers, and work for $25 a month with no safety standards?

    What moved the manufacturing sector and the high tech sector overseas was billions of US taxpayer and investor dollars building up the infrastructure of mostly India and China. It was the USPATRIOT act that mandated the outsourcing of 700,000 jobs. It was the creation of job-training visas for Indians and Chinese to come to the US, learn their jobs and take them back when they returned to Asia. It was US tax policy that rewarded companies for outsourcing. It was the removal of reporting requirements for companies doing mass layoffs.

    A good book that talks about this is Outsourcing America by Ron Hira.

    It's a political position whether or not you want to live in a country with a handful of rich oligarchs, and a mass of desperately poor workers, with no unions or safety standards, competing with the poorest people on the planet for work, but that's not a country I want to live in!

    If you are blaming the high wages of American workers for the loss of jobs, then you are building that dystopian future.

    Better we should look at how people can work together to regain control over these corporations, maybe break them up, and put some teeth back into the regulations that protect workers and the pubic.

    That's not socialism, that's common sense.

  5. It is a fact that this present administration has been carrying on with previous administration policies of offshoring jobs to Sri Lanka and other Asian nations, providing them training in not just menial jobs but also hi-tech programming jobs through USAID. This is not corporations, this is our government. After all of President Obama's promises during his campaign and his repeated assurances that his administration is all about creating or saving jobs, job bills, extending unemployment benefits, actions speak louder than words, and our government is systematically creating offshore jobs while our unemployment numbers continue to rise. Check out this article from yesterday on Red State on this issue. Socialism has never and will never work. It is all about redistribution of wealth.