Thursday, July 22, 2010

Agenda 21 - Sustainability Is Here!

After quite a bit of research I have accumulated copious amounts of information on the U.N.'s push for sustainability for the "global community" in it's entirety. Please have an open mind and after you review this information keep your eyes and ears open to these words - Agenda 21, sustainability, global governance, smart power, smart growth, communitarianism, climate change, global warming, IPCC, CCX, USAID, ICLEI, "green" anything, Cap and Trade, carbon emissions, carbon credits, carbon trading, deforestation, World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, distribution of wealth, environmental justice, social justice. These are all part of a plan conceived by governments and big business and is presently being implemented by the leaders of the U.N. and affiliated NGO's (non-government organizations). The primary purpose is to control population growth, control urban sprawl, limit where you live, what you drive, how much energy you use, transfer private property from individuals into government ownership and control. I will start with information posted through the U.N. and other sources that will explain the goal of this from a global perspective and then show how this is being implemented in the United States, within the State of Florida and finally here in Hillsborough County and Tampa, Florida.

First, I must say that if you hear a lot of the speeches (propaganda) they do make it sound like a really virtuous endeavor. SAVE THE WORLD! (Perhaps I should not have used green for that!) Who can argue with that? But anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is not "settled science" by any means. For a little comic relief, check out the video on my blog from George Carlin about saving the world that I posted in May.

Keep checking back as I post information on this extremely important and largely unknown subject. I have been speaking with many candidates who are running for different offices in the county and state, and many are unaware or only vaguely aware of this issue.

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