Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Few Comments and Videos Regarding The Light Rail Initiative

As you may know by now, Hillsborough County will have to vote FOR or AGAINST a one cent sales tax increase to help fund a light rail system for the area this November. I have been doing some research into this and would like to share what I have discovered. First this commentary from The Cato Institute  Public Transit: A Classic Example of Government in Action which shows that once again statistics prove that a government run utility cannot make money. It seems that private automobiles are less expensive to operate and do not pollute any more than a train and bus system do.

I also have a link here to Moving Hillsborough Forward with several videos and information regarding the light rail proposal. Pay particular attention to the video with Robert Grow. Apparently we are so lucky to have gotten this federal grant and if we have to match the funds, so be it, we are still the luckiest people on the planet! Right! I also found out today that the contemplated speed train connecting Orlando and Tampa will not go to the airport as initially outlined. People will have to change trains in downtown Tampa and take the light rail to the airport.

You can learn all about the FTA by going to Federal Transit Administration and read about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and their goals of sustainability and the grants available for "improving" mass transit in urban communities.

If you do not want to have your sales tax increased to 8% (a 14% increase over our present 7%) and which would result in the largest sales tax base in the state, please go to No Tax For Tracks and sign the petition.

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