Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rally to Protest the Mosque at Ground Zero on Sunday June 6

The Cordoba Initiative is planning to build a mosque within 2 blocks of Ground Zero, with the opening being scheduled for 9/11/11, exactly 10 years from 9/11/01! Do not believe this is an attempt to "heal" America - it is a blatant display of disrespect for every one of us who have lost loved ones in the most horrific acts of terrorism in our country, and everyone who considers themselves to be true patriotic Americans should protest this and do everything they can to stop it. These people do not regard us as anything but infidels and this mosque, if allowed to exist, will only reinforce and support their agenda to infiltrate every facet of our country. It will embolden them to teach hatred of this country to their children and very quickly they will push to have America bow down to the laws of Sharia. They are laughing at us. You must understand this. Our government is ignoring and allowing this hateful "political-religious ideology" to pursue their agenda under the guise of diversity and acceptance. This group is based on hatred of any people who are not Muslim and want us to become subservient to Islam, or be annihilated. They erect mosques to show their dominance over the infidels they have conquered. This is no "peace" act, it is an act of triumph and dominance over what they have accomplished in America.

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