Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Awakening of the Pro-Life Woman

Since 1973 and the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade, which allowed  a woman to obtain a legal abortion and exercise her "constitutional right" to choose, there has been a tremendous amount of new technology developed. Sonograms and ultrasounds can now "see" a developing baby long before the mother is able to experience the "quickening" of that child. When Roe vs. Wade was first decided, that technology was not yet available. An abortion center could easily convince an expectant mother that this child growing inside of her was just a jumble of unformed cells, not yet a potential "life". I believe that today we are able to understand, by seeing with our own eyes, that this "life"  is so much more than "a jumble of cells" very early into a pregnancy. I strongly believe that this is what has caused such an increase in the number of women and men who have advocated a Pro Life position. The ugly truth is that the Pro Choice people were actually pushing their agenda of "population control" of "undesirables". These are people whom they considered would be a detriment and drain on society, not able to contribute anything of value to the "collective". This has been perhaps the worst form of discrimination against minorities that we have experienced since the Civil Rights Act of the 1960's. And it was all tied up nice and neatly by advocating a women's "right to choose". After all, what could be more agreeable than giving them a right? Our president made a statement during his campaign, when asked about his position on abortion, that he was pro-choice. After all, he would not want one of his daughters being punished with an unwanted child! Punished! I suspect this statement was a direct belief that somehow his mother had been punished by having him. This issue continues to come up again and again and I truly feel at some point in the near future that there will be a new look at a woman's right to choose. The paradigm is shifting.

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