Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have been busy making signs for the Tea Party Tax Day protest this Thursday April 15th in downtown Tampa. As an active member of The Tampa 912 Project, we are expressing our dissatisfaction with the current tax system, and the rumblings of increasing taxes and imposing a new VAT. The President must address the economy and jobs. This country cannot get back on it's feet until taxes are cut, spending is slashed, the health care reform bill is repealed and replaced with some common sense legislation to allow interstate purchasing of health insurance, tort reform, and fraud and waste are truly being ferreted out and severe punishments are meted out to the perpetrators. We know we will have to make some sacrifices now so that our children and grandchildren will not have passed on to them the incredible amount of debt that this and past administrations have accumulated.

The health care reform bill is unconstitutional on many levels, and I plan to work tirelessly to help get it repealed.

I am attaching pictures of some of the signs I have made for Thursday, for your perusal and enjoyment. Feel free to use the slogans!

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