Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EPA Powers of Regulation

I get my information from many sources - newpaper articles, blogs, op-ed pieces, TV news shows, etc. Last night, April 25th, Lisa Jackson, director of the EPA, was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I watch this show when I see that he is having a guest I would like to hear more from. He is non-confrontational with the progressive guests, and sometimes they say things they ordinarily might not, perhaps because of the relaxed atmosphere. I wonder if Jon Stewart realizes how the progressives are using his show to advance their agenda?

When questioning her about the EPA and what they were working towards, she made a couple of statements that I find extremely telling and I intend to pursue the entire agenda.

The first thing she said was that they were working towards establishing a market price on carbon! My question is, who is going to be in charge of that - the Chicago Climate Exchange is my guess. We will see. I will keep researching this topic.

The second thing she said was that this was needed so that they can be ready to meet our commitments to the country and to the world! What commitments?

In 2007, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) gave the EPA the right to regulate emissions on greenhouse gases. This is the whole purpose of the Cap and Trade legislation. The legislation is being held up in part because Congress wants to put some restrictions on the far-reaching power of the EPA, and have more power to legislate instead of the EPA being able to regulate without any congressional  debate or for that matter without Congress at all!

I will continue to educate myself on the entire "carbon footprint" agenda. which appears to be a global initiative for redistributive wealth from wealthy countries to poorer countries.

I am beginning to feel that this is the purpose of my blog - to enlighten the country about the insidious nature of the administration and their plans to redistribute our wealth on a global scale.

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