Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Having a Last Fling at Cancun

Letter to the Editor

1st December 2010

The Last Fling of the Thermophobics?

For 20 years now the thermophobics of the IPCC have been trying to shock us with dire threats of global warming.

But if they are so scared of warmth why do they go to places like Cancun for their annual office party?

Cancun is a lovely tropical beach resort – warm weather, azure seas, white sugary beaches, great reefs and fish, amazing lagoons, a whole strip of massive resorts and cocktails by the pool. Definitely not a hardship location - perhaps they realize their party is coming to an end and want to have some fun before they are pushed off the gravy train?

If they really want to cure their thermophobia they should have their next conclave in Archangel or Murmansk. And it should be supplied only with wind and solar power. Let them see and feel the deathly grip of darkness and ice.

Maybe they would learn that life has nothing to fear from warmth or moist air richly laden with the gas of life, carbon dioxide.

What we all need to fear is a frigid, dry and carbon deficient atmosphere and the remorseless advance of silent, sterile, life-extinguishing ice.

Viv Forbes
153 Schneider Road
Rosevale Qld 4340 Australia

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