Monday, August 9, 2010

Climate Control Is Futile - Be Prepared Or Be Sorry

I found a very good site through with an article by Mr. Viv Forbes, who is Chairman of Australia's Carbon Sense Coalition.
Please be aware that there is a cap and trade bill lingering in the Senate right now that, if passed, will cause all energy costs to skyrocket. They are looking to use the lame duck session between the election in November and when the 112th Congress convenes to pass unpopular legislation such as this that they have not been able to pass up until now.

The science is NOT settled on anthropogenic (man-made) climate change, and it makes no sense to start taxing carbon emissions as a way to avert some imagined cataclysmic disaster. In fact, this is a scheme to tax industrialized countries for "excessive" emissions, which will be paid for by purchasing "carbon credits" to offset them. The untold reality of this is that those "carbon credits" will have been granted or subsidized to non-industrialized countries, so when the evil carbon emitters must buy these credits, the money goes into the pockets of those other countries, all the while brokerage companies like GoldmanSachs will stand to make billions, perhaps trillions of dollars in broker fees.  The Chicago Climate Exchange is just one of the big carbon trading corporations that exists all over the globe, and Al Gore happens to have a 10% ownership in this corporation. Hmmm - is anyone seeing a connection here?

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